A Look at the New Conti SportContact 3

ContiSportContact 3 is the newest addition to the Conti family of tires. This high performance summer tire with superior traction and braking power, and ultimate steering control. The Conti SportContact all season tire series was developed for those who enjoy a driving experience that only comes around once a year – during the wet season.

A Look at the New Conti SportContact 3

The new Conti SportContact tire has a built in performance guide, which tells you exactly where you should be on your lift for different types of driving conditions. The guide provides a user-friendly graphical display that guides you through each section of the race track, from the shortest corner to the longest. Each corner has been precisely measured and analyzed to give you an exact estimate of what you need to know. When you get onto the track, you will notice that the front tire has been fitted with a larger (2.2″) diameter spoke than the rear. This helps to create a flowing effect when cornering, and prevents the front wheels from overheating.


As always, there is no compromise in the quality of materials used in the manufacture of these tires. The Conti SportContact 3 series offers the most durable and dependable components available in a performance-tuned tire and is available in both new and used versions. If you love to drive your car like it was something from the past, and have developed a true passion for racing, then the Conti SportContact 3 is for you. You will not only be delighted by the stunning looks of this new performance tire, but will also find the handling of the vehicle so much more agreeable and easy. If you are looking for a good replacement tire that will help you get your driving itch back, then the Conti SportContact 3 is the one you want.


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