Art Photography

Fine art photography generally is photography done according to the photographer’s vision as artist, using various photography media as a means for visual expression. The main objective of fine-arts photography is to express a message, an idea, or even an emotion. It may also be used to document a culture or time period. View more info here

Learn How To Start Art Photography

Some of the most renowned photographic artists include Nikon, Terry Richardson, Robert Atkins, and William Eggleston, who are known for their distinctive style. They have created and managed successful careers in both photography and fine art. The work of these artists has been shown in some of the world’s most prestigious galleries such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Museum of Arts and Design in Paris, The Academy of Art University in Los Angeles, and The Rhode Island School of Art. Many of the photographs they have produced have won several prestigious awards including the Academy Award for the best feature photograph.

There are many sub-genres of this art form such as portraiture, still life, nudes, and abstract photography. Portrait photography involves taking still shots of a subject and mounting them in a frame for later visual art creation. Still life photography artworks usually depict the natural environment around a person such as flowers or fruits. A nudes photography can be considered a type of abstract photography. Most of these types of artworks are inspired by natural landscapes.


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