Bariatric Calcium Chews

bariatric calcium chews

Boosting blood calcium levels after weight loss surgery has been a challenge. Traditionally, bariatric patients have had to consume handfuls of calcium supplements at prescribed times every day in order to meet their daily requirement.

One of the best ways to bariatric calcium citrate get the recommended dosage is to use a chewable tablet that delivers all the calcium and vitamin D your body needs in a form that is easily digested and absorbable. This is where OPURITY(r) comes in.

First the good: A calcium supplement is an important dietary component for anyone, but it becomes even more imperative for bariatric patients due to stomach acid restrictions. OPURITY(r) Calcium Citrate Plus is one of the most bioavailable forms of calcium available. This form of the mineral is highly absorbable and allows for quick absorption into your system, which makes it a must have for any bariatric patient who wants to avoid bone and muscle fractures down the road.

How to Incorporate Bariatric Calcium Chews into Your Daily Routine

Second, the good: Its cleverly designed formula is packed with all the nutrients you need to boost your bone and muscle health. This includes a blend of Calcium Citrate, Vitamin D, Magnesium and Vitamin K for optimal absorption, as well as key B vitamins to help boost energy and metabolism.

You’ll also get a nice citrusy kick from the fruity vitamin C and probiotics found in this chewable tablet. This combination is the most effective at delivering a high level of these essentials for your optimal bone and muscle health.


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