Benefits of a Water Soluble Hemp Supplement

water soluble hemp supplement

A water-soluble hemp supplement is a new product that has been designed to dissolve in liquids, like coffee or juice. It is a step into the future of CBD products, and it offers a range of benefits over typical hemp oil.

The main difference between a regular CBD product and a water soluble hemp supplement is that the latter is easier for the body to absorb. This is because the particle size of the Hemp extract has been lowered. Water soluble hemp supplements also tend to be more flavorless, which means they can easily be mixed into drinks or other liquids without altering the taste or consistency of the beverage.

Maximizing the Benefits: Unveiling the Power of Water-Soluble Hemp Supplements

This process is called nanoemulsion technology, and it essentially shrinks the size of the Hemp oil globules that contain CBD. This enables them to bypass the digestive system entirely, meaning they enter the bloodstream in a more pure form. This allows the body to use them more effectively, and the results can be felt within a matter of minutes rather than hours.

Another benefit of water soluble Hemp is that the body can actually absorb more of it than with conventional oil. This is because the VESIsorb technology ensures that the Hemp extract is absorbed into the lymphatic system, rather than the gastrointestinal tract. This allows it to reach the different receptors of the body faster, which increases bioavailability and enhances the effects of the CBD. This makes it a great option for people who need fast-acting hemp products, such as pain relief or the calming effect that Delta 8 provides.


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