Buying Craft Weed Online Canada

Buying craft weed online canada offers cannabis connoisseurs a variety of premium cannabis products without the hassle of travelling to a physical dispensary. Cultivated with special attention to the growing conditions and curing process, craft cannabis is typically more flavorful and aromatic than mass-produced buds. The extra effort put into the cultivation of these premium strains also translates to superior potency and better medicinal effects. Craft cannabis is favored by connoisseurs because it supports small independent cultivators and keeps the cannabis industry diverse and innovative.

What is 100% organic weed?

There are a handful of reputable Mail Order Marijuana (MOM) dispensaries in Canada that specialize in delivering quality craft weed and cannabis products to consumers nationwide. These MOM’s have a massive selection of AAAA bulk craft weed that can be purchased in quantities starting at a quarter pound (QP or 4 ounces) up to one pound ($1500). They also offer hard to beat bulk pricing deals on their best selling AAAA flower and concentrates such as shatter, hash, live resin and more.



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