CAT 6A Cable for Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7 AP’s San Antonio, Texas, USA

The newest Wi-Fi 6 and 6E wireless technologies rely on a 10Gbps backbone to enable maximum performance. Siemon’s full offering of Cat 6A Cable for Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7 AP’s san antonio unshielded and shielded copper cabling solutions delivers the high bandwidth, power handling and alien crosstalk (ECT) resistance required to support this new technology as well as future upgrades including 10GBASE-T.

How much is network cabling per drop?

For most residential applications, the only reason to upgrade from CAT 5 or CAT 5e is for faster data transfer speeds. Unless you live in a very old house or need to run cable between two major points of your home – e.g. Router -> Internet Service Provider or Router -> Network Device – the only other thing you need is a wired network port (a switch, router, or Wi-Fi broadcaster) in your home.

You want to choose a quality CAT 6A cable with solid core copper conductors, ideally Foiled & Shielded unless you’re running the cabling near high power AC runs or in certain industrial environments. It’s also recommended to choose a Category 6A cable with a UL Listed CM-certified outer jacket for additional reliability and safety.

Installing a cable is easy enough, but the hard part comes in adding a networking port to the end of the cable. There are a couple of different termination patterns, called T-568A and T-568B, that have been popular ways to add a port to a cable’s end. Each has its own specific way of matching the colors of the wires in a cable to the pins in a connector, or port, on the other end of the cable.


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