Custom Orthotics – Your Guide To Healthy Feet

custom orthoticsCustom orthotics, also known as custom footwear devices, are specifically-made footwear inserts that are made to suit your body’s foot structure and specific needs. Unlike prescriptive shoes, custom orthotics can take into consideration your unique arch type. Prescription orthoses are made for you by your doctor and nobody else. They are specifically designed for your unique anatomy and how you move. Custom orthotics, on the other hand, are tailored to suit your specific foot characteristics, including the amount of motion that is allowed, the shape of the foot, and the amount of arch support needed.

Custom orthotics – Specifically-made footwear inserts that are made to suit your body’s foot structure and specific needs

Custom orthotics can be made to order using a 3D imaging process called computerized tomography or CCT imaging. The computer produces a customized orthotic in real time from digital data gathered by radiography. Your specially-created insoles will be made to closely resemble your natural foot. You can choose from different arch supports, such as spherical beads, flexible cells, or solid insole units.

Many people suffer from chronic foot pain, and wear out their feet over time. Custom orthotics can relieve foot pain caused by arthritis, corns and calluses, hammertoes, bunions, or any other foot problems. These custom devices can also provide support for painful ankles caused by overuse or obesity. If your pain persists despite trying on several pairs of shoes, it is worth discussing your foot pain with your podiatrist, who can examine your foot and recommend a proper orthotic.


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