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Spray foam insulation in Amarillo, TX is a great solution for saving energy and keeping homes comfortable. It seals gaps, nooks and crannies that allow air to escape from the home, causing high monthly energy bills. It is also effective in reducing the workload of HVAC systems. It is important to note that a properly installed spray foam insulation system can save up to 40% of energy consumption.

When planning your project it is essential to understand how much spray foam you will need for your space. This is calculated by determining the surface area to be covered. This can be done by using a tape measure to find the length and width of the walls, ceilings or floors, then multiplying these numbers by themselves. Alternatively, it can be done by using a computer program that can calculate this information for you.

The Science Behind Spray Foam Insulation: How It Works

The industry standard measurement for spray foam insulation is board feet. This is a measurement that takes into account both the square footage of the area and how thick the insulation should be.

It is important to understand that if your home has spray foam insulation it may cause issues with a surveyor or valuer when you come to sell your property. This is due to condensation within the roof space. If you have this type of insulation it is advised that you have a specialist report created by an independent expert before your property goes to market. This will avoid problems with the valuers and potential disputes with the lender.

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