Funny Teen Quotes

Being a parent is a big job, but parenting Funny Teen Quotes has its own set of unique challenges that only other parents of teens will understand. With all of the drama, emotions and bad attitude, it is easy for parents to become frustrated and stressed. It is important for parents to remember to laugh and have fun in these challenging times. These funny quotes about teenagers will help to brighten your day and remind you that the difficult teenage years will pass by.

Teenagers are a unique and humorous age group. They have so many hormones running through their bodies that it can be hard to take them seriously at all times. Mood swings, risky behavior and irresponsibility are all part of the teenage experience. But these difficult times can also be a great time to bond and build a strong relationship with your teen. This article contains some of the funniest and most popular teenager quotes that will make you smile and laugh!

Teenage Chronicles: Hilarious Quotes that Capture the Essence of Teen Life

“There is nothing quite like having a teenage daughter to teach you that life isn’t always fair.”

“The worst part about being a teen is the fact that you are so excited about every aspect of your life and then suddenly everything starts to fall apart.”

“When it comes to texting, teenagers have turned abbreviations into a secret language. Their emojis and emoticons create a digital symphony that’s faster than the speed of sound.”

“Sometimes it takes bribing a teen to get them to listen to you. Other times it just seems like they are ignoring you.”

“Raising teenagers is like herding cats; it’s stressful, chaotic and sometimes you want to pull your hair out. But in the end, it’s worth it.”

“When it comes to teenagers, there are two things to remember: 1) They will grow out of this phase and 2) It is not your fault.”

“Raising teenagers is a roller coaster ride. It’s a lot of work, but it’s so much fun to watch them grow up.”

“Sometimes you need a good laugh to get through the rough patches.”

“The best thing about parenting teenagers is that they are the funniest people to be around.”

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