How to Increase Instagram Video Views

IG video content is a key element to every Instagram business account. From Feed videos to IGTV, the platform has an array of video formats that allow businesses to engage with their audience and reach new ones. However, the competition is tough. Since Instagram video views are now publicly displayed, the pressure is on for brands to have impressive view counts.URL: Seen on

From Likes to Views: Transforming Your Instagram Video Engagement

To maximize the impact of your IG videos, make sure to optimize the quality. This means having bright lighting and clear audio. It’s also best to shoot in a location that has good soundproofing. Finally, keep your videos short – studies show that people have shorter attention spans online. Make your videos interesting by telling a story, giving advice, or sharing an experience.

If you’re using Instagram IGTV, the platform’s version of YouTube, be sure to use an appropriate file size for your content. Larger files will require more data to download, which could slow down a user’s internet speed. The ideal IGTV file size is 650MB or less.

Posting videos during peak hours is another way to maximize the impact of your IG videos. The platform’s algorithm takes into account the amount of engagement a video receives in the first few hours after posting. This gives your video more chances to appear on the Explore page, where new followers can discover it.


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