How to Use an Email Verification Website


Email verification website is the process of ensuring that emails on your list are tied to inboxes. This is essential for keeping your email deliverability high and your reputation intact. High metrics are a huge benefit to any business, but it takes time and effort to get there. Email validation services are the best way to ensure that you have a clean and valid email list to send your content to.

Entrepreneurs often use an email form on their website to collect registrations for gated parts of their platform or exclusive deals, freebies and other marketing content. They can use this in exchange for a double opt-in or just to build up their community. Either way, it’s important to validate those email addresses in real-time for maximum efficiency.

The Best Email Verification Websites for 2024

When a visitor enters an email address on your website, it triggers an API request to the verification service to perform a few different checks. First, the verifier checks for syntax validation, making sure that the email is in the correct format. It also confirms that the email is a valid domain name and that the website associated with it is still up. Finally, the email ping step takes it one step further and actually pings the exact email address with an “EHLO” message to see if it gets a server response.

This ensures that the email is connected to an inbox and not a spam trap or an empty inbox. Regular email verification helps to reduce hard and soft bounce rates, prevents blacklisting of your email or domain and prevents your emails from being flagged as spam.


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