Konica – An Exciting New Direction in the World of Electronica


Although it is not as well known or recognized as Enya and Disclosure, the new wave of electronic musicians making their mark with the Kenya based, Konica, is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the world of electronica. This small band from Kenya has been playing and recording for almost three years now and has built up quite a fan base amongst all age groups both local and international. The sheer versatility of their musical style, the infectious joy of the crowds, the positive vibe that emanates from the stage and the sense of fun and enjoyment they everyone get from the music, make Konica one to watch and to be apart of.


With the advent of the internet and the freedom of sharing and downloading music, the possibilities for young upstarts and the more experienced artists are much greater than ever before. This is very evident in the case of Konica, which has made its way on the radar screens of many hip hop listeners in the world. They have gained a steady following in Africa and Europe, where many appreciate their unique blend of electronica and hiphop. The latest release “Lose It” is a masterpiece of combining the best from both genres. The blend of the most popular music of both genres and the vocals are expertly done which makes this album an instant hit.


A major reason why Konica has carved a name for themself in the world of electronica is due to the diversity of their musical taste and style. They refuse to conform to any stereotypes and instead promote each artist’s individuality. They welcome any challenge and look forward to it, whether it is criticism or encouragement. The artists have also managed to gain a lot of fans despite their young age and unlike other artists, they have stuck to their integrity and refuse to compromise.


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