Lockpicking Sets

lockpicking sets

Lockpicking sets  are a tool that is often associated with locksmiths and security professionals, but it can also be very useful in a survival situation. The ability to pick locks can be a vital skill in SHTF situations, where getting into a car or house might be more difficult and you don’t have access to a phone to call a professional.

Having the right tools can help you get inside without breaking down the door, and this is why many people choose to carry a lockpick set in their emergency kits. A good beginner lockpicking set will have everything you need to learn this specialized skill, including practice locks and an easy-to-read guidebook to explain how it all works. Some beginner sets even come with a lubricant for keeping your picks in working order.

Mastering the Art of Lock Picking: A Comprehensive Guide to Lockpicking Sets and Tools

Most lock picking sets will have traditional picks, jiggers and tension tools that can be used to manipulate pin stacks. There are several different kinds of picks, with the most common being hooks which can be used to pick one pin at a time. Some sets will also include raking picks, which are used to manipulate pins in a sweeping motion. Finally, there are specialty picks for specific types of locks, such as wafer and disk locks.

Although a lockpick set can be helpful for emergency situations, it should not be considered a replacement for calling in a professional, especially in states that have laws against concealing such tools or using them for burglary. The right tool can make the job much easier, but it is still a dangerous and complicated process that should only be undertaken by someone who has been trained properly.


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