Moloaa Properties for Sale

Located on Kauai’s northeast shore, Moloaa properties for sale is home to a pristine bay that served as the backdrop for the pilot episode of the popular TV show “Gilligan’s Island.” Despite this fame, the area remains largely undiscovered by tourists. Secluded, secluded and scenic, the quaint neighborhood offers easy access to immaculate beaches and a quiet charm that will make your Hawaii vacation truly memorable.

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Moloa Beach is a beautiful white sand beach with good swimming and snorkeling when ocean conditions are calm. Reefs and a cluster of rocks at either end of the bay reduce rip currents and keep surf conditions safer. The rocky shoreline creates some interesting tide pools and is great for bird watching, particularly in the spring and fall. A short beach path crosses the sand to Larsen’s Beach and is part of an ancient network of footpaths that once encircled the island. The trail runs partially on private property and some trespassing does occur, so be sure to stay on the path and respect the landowners’ rights.

There are no lifeguards or public restrooms at this beach, and parking is limited. During peak travel season, be prepared to arrive earlier in order to secure a spot. A convenience store and Duane’s Ono Burger are just a short walk away in Anahola town. Further north, Kilauea town has a range of restaurants and upscale shopping.


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