New Generation Spray Foam Insulation

The spray foam insulation and curing of the foam emits a large amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These VOCs can cause irritation to the eyes, gastrointestinal tract, and respiratory tract. They also can irritate the skin and may cause a rash. Long-term exposure can lead to chemical bronchitis. These fumes can be very dangerous to your health, especially if you are pregnant or have children in the home.

New Generation’s Eco-Friendly Spray Foam Insulation Options

Despite the health concerns some still have with spray foam insulation, newer products are significantly safer to use. Manufacturers now offer spray foam that does not produce any harmful chemicals, and these products are very effective in insulating your home. Some examples of these products are BASF Walltite CM01, Genyk Boreal Nature, and Demilec Elastochem Specialty Chemicals Foam-Lok 2000-4G.

Spray foam can be used to weatherize your home, which acts as both insulation and an air barrier, closing the nooks and crannies that let air leak out and increase energy bills. It is estimated that up to 40% of a building’s energy is lost due to air infiltration, and spray foam can help reduce energy bills significantly.

Unlike some other types of insulation, spray foam can be used to insulate walls and basements as well as roofs and attics. This versatility means that you can achieve better energy efficiency in your home by reducing the amount of time your heating or cooling system has to run, and you will have more days when you do not need to use any appliances or electronics in the house. This will lead to reduced energy consumption, which in turn leads to savings on your monthly electricity bill.

New Generation Spray Foam
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