Phone Fraud Score

PHONE FRAUD SCORE identifies fraudulent behavior associated with specific phone numbers and provides organizations with the information needed to quickly and efficiently take action against potential threats. This enables businesses to maintain compliance with regulatory standards, avoid financial losses due to fraudulent activities, and preserve customer trust and loyalty.

Phone Fraud Score

PHONE FRAUD SCORE analyzes a number’s reputation to identify high risk users, accounts, and payments. The score considers a wide range of factors, including multiple accounts, the use of fake or stolen identities, suspicious activity and geographic locations. It also takes into account a number’s ported date, activity history and carrier & provider details. Virtual number types such as VOIP are also considered, as they can be used to mask the true identity of bad actors.

The PHONE FRAUD SCORE is continuously monitored and adapted to emerging fraud tactics. This enables the application of a customized fraud scoring engine that can anticipate future patterns and proactively address them before they become an issue.

Specialized Fraud Risk Scoring models sift through vast amounts of data, identifying subtle patterns and anomalies indicative of potentially fraudulent activities. The engines leverage data mining techniques to identify a variety of risk indicators, such as behavioral pattern matching, velocity and frequency, as well as a host of other factors, to detect and flag suspicious activities and potential fraud.

Using a combination of multiple rules and machine learning ensures fraud scores are accurate and prevents false declines that can be frustrating for legitimate customers and cost you more business. IPQS also includes a comprehensive phone number blacklist check, based on behavior across our threat network and data from Fraud Fusion. This helps us identify more fraudulent attempts, and reduce the amount of fraud you pay for by approving only valid transactions.


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