Sources of Online News

Online News is a medium that brings the latest global, national and local news to readers on their computers or smartphones. It is a fast-growing sector of the digital media economy. In fact, the majority of adults in the United States now get some of their news online. Find out:

The most common source of Online News is major news sites, such as CNN and MSNBC. These sites often provide live updates as new events occur. They also have archived video from previous events, as well as a variety of feature articles.

Balancing Clicks and Quality in Digital Journalism

Other sources of Online News include news blogs, celebrity news websites, and social networking platforms like Facebook. These outlets provide more in-depth coverage of specific topics such as politics, sports and technology. They also often have an opinion column where writers express their views on current affairs.

Writing an article about news requires a certain level of skill. The writer should be able to gather and present facts in a logical way. The story should not contain any opinions or biases. In addition, the story should be clearly written with short, direct sentences. The writer should also ensure that any pictures used in the article are properly credited.

The most important factor in the success of an online news article is its ability to draw the attention of viewers. This can be done by choosing an interesting headline, using attractive formatting and utilizing relevant keywords. In addition, the writer should always let a second pair of eyes read the article before it is published. This will help catch any spelling or grammatical errors that may have gone unnoticed during the initial draft.


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