The Benefits of Using a Metal Garden Edging System

A Metal Garden Edging System is the perfect solution for creating a straight or curved lawn edge, raised and ground level garden beds. It is flexible and easy to shape and is the ideal solution for a well-structured outdoor landscape design that will add value to your property.

The benefits of using Metal Garden Edging include:

Durability and Flexibility – This edging is made from heavy gauge steel which means it will hold its shape even in extremes of climatic change. It also has a great strength to weight ratio, which makes it incredibly strong yet light in nature.

Corten Colour – This is a popular choice for gardens in Australia, as it has the desirable ‘rusty’ look that looks natural and adds to the appeal of your garden. URL :

Cost – Although it is more expensive than bender board, the long life of this type of edging means you will be saving money in the future.

Quality – High quality metal edging will last for years to come and can be easily restored to its original condition by simply removing the rust with the use of a protective coating or varnish.

Suitable for any landscape project

The versatility of a metal edging system means it is suitable for all landscaping projects, from garden beds and paths to driveways. It can be used in both residential and commercial environments to create straight or curved edges or in combination with other products from the Vodaland range.


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