The Best Canadian Weed Sites

weed sites canada

In Canada, you can purchase legal cannabis products only through licensed retailers. Most provinces have online ordering and postal delivery weed sites canada . You must be 19 years old or older to buy and use cannabis in Canada. You must also be a resident of your province or territory. Visit your provincial or territorial website for more information on laws and regulations.

While you can legally purchase cannabis in Canada, it’s not allowed to bring it back into the United States unless you have a prescription or medical ID from a physician authorized by Health Canada. You’ll also need to declare the presence of any cannabis purchased in Canada when crossing the border at a US port of entry.

From Click to High: Navigating the Benefits and Considerations of Online Dispensaries

If you plan to travel to Canada, consider staying at a cannabis-friendly hotel or Airbnb. Many of these accommodations have designated smoking areas, plus they’re often located near recreational marijuana dispensaries. You can also find cannabis-infused meals and weed-infused cocktails at some of these locations.

XpressGrass is a legit Canadian dispensary that takes security seriously. They are an established dispensary that has a proven track record, and they offer high-quality, affordable products. This includes a wide selection of sativa flowers and concentrates, along with THC gummies. The company offers free shipping on orders over $99. You can also choose to pay for premium membership, which includes a larger variety of strains. You can also find discounts if you order multiple ounces. XpressGrass’s membership program also provides you with access to exclusive deals and promotions.


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