The Best Online Games for Understanding Historical Perspectives

The Best Online Games for Understanding Historical Perspectives

The popularity of UFABET คอมมิชชั่น games like Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Europa Universalis, and iCivics is sparking interest among teachers interested in using video games to teach history. While these games do not always bear much resemblance to actual historical truths, they can be used as a springboard for discussion of the variables that determine real-world history and why events unfolded the way that they did.

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These types of games have the power to challenge players’ assumptions by showing them that historical truths are malleable. They can also help students understand that there are many different perspectives of a historic moment and that it is possible to learn from those interpretations without being constrained by a narrow definition of truth.

One of the most popular games for exploring historical perspectives is the 4X series of games by Paradox Interactive. While the vanilla games are too fantasy-like (the mummy-looking Egyptians of 300BCE, for example), they have a rich modding community and can be customized to create historically accurate events.

Several other history games are designed to immerse players in the political and social complexities of particular historical eras. The most famous of these is probably iCivics, which takes players to the heart of the American democracy and encourages them to debate big ideas like the separation of church and state. Another interesting game is Race to Ratify, which puts players in 1787 as the ink is still drying on America’s new Constitution. Likewise, the indie game When Rivers Were Trails immerses players in the cultural complexities surrounding the seizure and division of Native American territories caused by US allotment laws in the 1800s.


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