Tips for Creating Effective School Signs

electronic signs for schools

When it comes to promoting events and informing people of current events at your school, it’s important to utilize electronic signs for schools. Not only are they much more effective than conventional post cards or flyers, but they’re also much more budget-friendly. Running copies of an announcement to be handed out around campus can require up tons of resources; weekends full of cleaning and lugging out boxes. Electronic signs for schools mean that your entire event isn’t advertised for a fraction of what it would cost to print and distribute regular flyers. Not only that, but with modern LED school signs you’re also drastically reducing the manpower it normally takes to advertise events.

How to Create Effective School Signs

Using digital signage in schools is an extremely efficient way to share your organization’s upcoming events and programs with students and faculty. The best thing about these types of signs is the fact that they aren’t only highly functional, but they’re also very low maintenance. Most are easy enough to mount onto the building itself, meaning that there’s no extra work involved or extra materials to purchase, ensuring a simple and quick installation every time.

So which school signs should you use? There are so many great options out there – from large, professional-looking signs for large events like conventions or championships to smaller, more personal announcements meant to help the students feel connected to their school. Some people prefer a sign that features an actual image of a mascot character, or a picture of a student or faculty member wearing a jersey from their favorite team. Other individuals like to incorporate a simple message such as “PSD” (pronounced “P-shun”) to encourage students to come to class. Whatever your particular goals and objectives for your digital signage, you’ll have no trouble finding some options that will meet your requirements.


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