Vape Sensors for Schools and Bathrooms

vape sensor

A vape sensor is an environment monitoring system that detects vapor emissions from e-cigarettes, electronic cigars, and marijuana devices. It uses air analysis to determine whether the scents are originating from a chemical such as nicotine, tobacco, or THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, found in cannabis/marijuana). This allows schools and businesses to proactively enforce anti-vaping policies without violating students’ privacy rights.

The CDC warns that e-cigarettes are dangerous for adolescents and teens because they contain nicotine, which can disrupt their brain development. It can also impact their learning, attention, and impulse control. Despite the warning, many young people continue to use vapes and many teachers say pupils are even ‘pleading’ to be allowed to vape in lessons as they need their fix.

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This growing issue has prompted school districts across the country to look for ways to combat it. Some have begun deploying environmental sensors in classrooms and bathrooms, such as the HALO device from IPVideo. Unlike traditional smoke detectors that sound an alarm when they detect smoke, a HALO-like sensor can detect vapor emissions from a hidden e-cigarette or device. The sensor can then send an alert to the school’s administration, who can respond accordingly.

While some schools have used vape detection alone, others pair the technology with a camera in order to visually identify students and enforce their anti-vaping policies. This approach provides context without infringing on student privacy rights, and can help schools comply with their video surveillance policy. HALO can be mounted on the wall or ceiling of a bathroom, and should be placed high enough to maximize its detection range while being out of reach from vandals. It’s important to mount it so that it doesn’t impede on natural air flow or create a blockage to the door’s vent.


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