What Is a Transfer Sticker?


Transfer sticker is a type of custom sticker consisting of a paper backing, a vinyl sticker and a transfer tape. This is an ideal choice for creating stickers with multiple parts that need to stay together in a product, such as a laptop or car.

Exact Cut – No Background

Get your message across in the cleanest way possible with this exact cut vinyl decal. This design is custom cut to the shape of your graphic or logo and installed with transfer tape, so no background material is left behind on the surface after installation.

Multi-Color – No Background (Sticker Only)

Get the color of your choice without the background by ordering this multi-color transfer sticker. Your vinyl decal is printed in your chosen color and then transferred onto a low-tack transfer tape.

The Best Surfaces for Transfer Sticker Application

For projects where you need precise lettering or visual elements, dry transfers offer a cleaner, crisp look that doesn’t need trimming around edges or maintaining proportions between similar items placed in series. They also offer a smooth, professional appearance that looks great on surfaces including plastic, wood, glass, metal, wallboard and more!

At Image Transfers, we create these dry transfers from files you supply and apply them directly to your substrate with a final finished appearance that’s smooth, precise and snag-free. They’re easy to use, a preferred option for everyone from experienced industrial designers to first-time hobbyists, and we make sure you get the best results every time.


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