Why Choose a Fixed Maintenance Access Platform?


Working at height comes with a fair amount of risk. In fact, out of the 1,000 deaths that construction workers experience each year, 40% are due to falls. That is especially true for high-rise and rooftop work. Fortunately, our engineers can design a permanent access fixed maintenance access platform that offers safe and secure access to roof-mounted services without the need for scaffolding or ladders.

These solutions allow building services engineers to freely access roof-mounted mechanical units and equipment in order to conduct inspections and maintenance. Rooftops can often become cluttered with ductwork, pumps, pipework, cable trays and baskets but our systems are designed to allow maintenance workers to safely move around and underneath these services.

Upkeep Unveiled: The Essential Role of Fixed Maintenance Access Platforms in Industry

Our safety work platforms are also perfect for a wide range of industrial applications such as warehouse racking, vehicle maintenance including aircraft, buses and trains and welding or plastering. The key to our success is that we can tailor a solution for each individual application rather than offering a ‘one size fits all’ off-the-shelf product.

Our permanent access solutions can be customised to the exact needs of each facility and can be built with a variety of materials, finishes and coatings. These include paint, hot dip galvanised and other anti-corrosive options to suit a range of environments, such as areas that can be exposed to chemicals or extra heavy loads. These features can help to extend the life of your access system. This is important to maintain safety and compliance with UK health and safety legislation. It is also critical that MEWPs are maintained and inspected by competent individuals, as outlined in the Work at Height Regulations.


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